The classical guitar supporters club was established in 2012.  

The objective of this club is to support young guitarists who are working hard to create classical guitar culture in Japan.

Your support is invaluable for the activities of these young guitarists.

To become a supporter for the club, you dont need to be lover of just classical guitar music; you can also be lover of any kind of music of your interest. At the same time, love for music does not have to be limited topreforming and listening tomusic. It could also be sharing dreams of those young guitarists in Japan for successful future, who are trying to create original Japanese guitar music. Why not give your support for the Club, while you enjoy a new way of relating to music?

Noriko Igeta:  Representative, The classical guitar supporters club

Hiroko Machida:  Honorary president            

Office: C/o Noriko Igeta Guitar School

#403, 1-5-7 Aobadai, Aoba-Ku, Yokohama, Japan 227−0062


(The supportersclub has nothing to do with the guitar school)


The aim of establishment of the classic guitar supporters club

History of classical guitar in Japan is not very long. It is only in Showa period (1926-1989) when classical guitar rapidly became popular.

  Japan is now one of the biggest countries in the world as far as the number of the lovers of classical guitar is concerned. Many famous guitarists have been produced and concerts have been performed.      However the guitar music activities, unlike other businesses, do not directly relate to favorable results economically. In the present situation the guitar activities do not get much financial assistance either from the public organizations or from the private enterprises comparing to other countries in the world.

This is the reason why I, as a president of a guitar school, decided to establish an organization called “The classic guitar supporters club”.      

 The idea is to openly recruit young people who are interested in classical guitar as trainees and support them to become not only successful performers, but also teachers, producers, composers, and any other professionals related to classical guitar.


Give the trainees opportunities for them to study and perform to create guitar culture original to Japan

Give the trainees opportunities to have overseas experiences as international musicians and gain ability to observe similarities and differences between the overseas culture and their own. 

Therefore together with the people who have the similar ideas and dreams with myself, I sincerely hope that we can host many international guitar festivals right here in Japan someday, and Japan would be a developed nation for classical guitar activities so that many students from overseas would come to Japan to study music related to classical guitar. (Noriko Igeta, Organizer)

How to give your support for the 3rd term trainees

Application period: November 2014~December 2015

If you agree with the objective of the supporters club, please contact by way of e-mail or write to the address given below. After contacting, your donation can be sent to the bank account, sent by registered mail or be paid directly to the office. Since the membership certificate and newsletters will be sent out by way of ordinary mail or e-mail, both addresses will be useful.

The units of donation for an individual member are \3,000. More than one share is accepted.  For a business corporation and/or a music enterprise, the units of donation are \10,000.

Mailing address:

The classic guitar supporters club

C/o Igeta Guitar School

#403, 1-5-7 Aobadai, Aoba-Ku,


Japan, 227-0062


 Tel: +81-45-983-6195   The Igeta guitar school

Bank account number: 7744036(ordinary deposit)

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Aobadai Branch 579

Account holder: Noriko Saito 

Representative: The classic guitar supporters club

The donation will be used to support the third term activities. The supporting members will be invited for some activities like concerts and lectures at a lower price.


You Tube

We are pleased to announce that “The Yokohama Pops Project” has been organized as the second term activities.  You can watch their performances through You Tube, as “Yokohama Pops”.

From left to right;

 Eisei Tanigawa, Junichi Tajikawa, Yuta Yamada, Karin Miyama,

Percussion:  Iori Maekawa

Each member is actively performing as solo player, Cuatro Palos, or Duo TRUSSARDI.   Thank you Very much for your support!








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